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Traditional Art, Modern Style

OUR STORY: Artist and designer Eleonora Ferragatta is a first generation Italian and has been surrounded by art culture all her life. Specializing in oil on canvas portraits, murals, and original designs for over 25 years.

Today, Eleonora is a celebrated New England based artist known for her creative approach to fashion and design. Her hand-painted floral designs are brought to life in an innovative, functional way bringing classical elegance to all of her collections. From performance wear leggings and special occasion dresses, to kitchen & bath sets, silk scarves, ties, and Italian leather handbags. Her love of art and fashion has evolved into an award-winning career creating highly artistic thoughtfully designed fine art apparel, accessories, and home décor and whose works have been on display throughout America.

Eleonora has enjoyed acclaim in the retail world and in the eyes of fashionistas. Her collections have been placed in boutiques and fine retail stores across the country including HomeGoods,, Mieka NY and renowned magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Tatler, Traveller, World of Interiors, House & Garden, and loved by the press for many seasons.

Eleonora is also recognized for her inspiring approach to all life has to offer. Eleonora’s thoughtful and passionate personality and gratitude toward her work and family in life in general is inspiring. She greets each day with enthusiasm - humor and hard work is what drives her and her positive attitude is contagious. Her paintings and designs are a celebration of her creative spirit. Bringing her love of nature to life through the beauty of art inspired fashion. Over the years, Eleonora has dreamed up ways for her artwork to be utilized as functional products that reflect classical elegance and vibrant on trend styles. Her colorful art is filled with texture and movement as she weaves together a sense of floral elegance from her imagination to bring you exclusive fine art pieces that you cannot only look at, but wear. They are as unique as they are stylish.

LOVE GOES INTO EVERY DETAIL: Eleonora’s thoughtful and passionate personality imbues her work and her message. “My work extends beyond me. It’s about my clients who want to wear something unique that fits their personality and individual style. It’s about connecting with people in a meaningful way who have a deep appreciation of the arts and see nature’s breathtaking beauty as a source of inspiration, serenity, and joy.”

GIVING BACK: Eleonora's creativity is truly heartfelt. She puts her whole heart into her work, but she also cares deeply about her community through her many philanthropic efforts giving back to regional foundations, churches, and donating to her local communities that are in need. Eleonora is also highly devoted to her faith and family - her husband, three children, and huge loving family that spans generations. Every detail in her work reflects her commitment to convey enduring meaning in everything she does.

SBA CERTIFIED WOMEN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS, SUSTAINABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY: Our ethos here at E.F: true beauty is circular, and ethical in the foundations. Our production practices reflect this. Produced in Canada, our partners use 70% less energy, heat, and water during the manufacturing process. All waste is 100% recycled. Imperfect garments are donated to local woman’s shelters. Our Dye Sublimation process is environmentally conscious because it produces minimal relative waste. We are committed to producing high-quality products that have a minimal environmental impact through Slow Fashion awareness and demand-driven manufacturing. Our made in USA products proudly support a large network of cut & sew manufacturing partners, fabric suppliers, and local makers.

Some of our philanthropic efforts & partners

Giving Back

Northeast Connecticut Woman & Girl's Fund: "Sassy Chapeau Hat Show"
United Way, Woman United: "Power of the Purse" Silent Auction
Child & Family Agency: "Spring Fashion Show"
Sails Up 4 Cancer: Mystic, CT
Evening of Elegance: Mystic, CT
Community of Hope: Mystic, CT
Over 1500 Face Masks Donated: To Healthcare Facilities and High Risk Folks all across the East Coast during Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020