A letter from Eleonora


Hi there!

 I’m Eleonora; a huge welcome to Eleonora Ferragatta, a label (and family, really) founded to bring original art from my canvas to your form and home with flair and truly bespoke style.

 My journey as a fine artist brought me to fashion organically, if surprisingly. Like all things in life, it’s ultimately about the Love that goes into your work, and following the journey of where that leads you with an open heart and mind.

 I’ve been a fine artist and designer for over 20 years. I’m a lover of what is enduring, with a life dedicated to art, studying masterworks worldwide and lending my brush and genius to art from centuries past.

 I’ve always had a European sensibility surrounding fashion, as a designer, and as an Italian, bringing my love of fine art to the art of adornment and the home came naturally. Interiors were an easy leap, from museums and murals to private residences; and the bodyscape is my favorite living, breathing, walking, canvas. Women are a muse I can’t get enough of! Art comes alive in new, thrilling, ways when worn by inspired (and inspiring) women.  

 Each piece you order from me is handcrafted with love and reverence, in collaboration with our sustainable partners.

 I want these pieces to be something that are in your closet for years to come. An investment, something special that you can also feel good about buying, crafted especially for you.


From my hands to yours,







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